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If I Could Say Anything without Consequence

To every person with living parents:

Love your mother and your father. Show them how much you love them every chance you get. You owe them your life. Yes, God is the ultimate giver of life, but He also gave human beings free will and the liberty to make decisions. And your parents chose to give you the right to live and experience the wonders and complexities of life so that you may create your own path and lead a life that will bring out the best in you. With that fact you should love your parents, let alone the sacrifices and efforts that they have made to provide you with the best things in life that they can give.

Parents, like any other person in this world is not perfect. They have their shortcomings and faults, but it does not give you the license to disrespect them. You may not agree with everything that your parents say or do. Disagreements are inevitable, but expressing yourself in a clear and respectful manner is always possible.

Your mother and your father are the two people in this world whom you should love and respect constantly. Again, show them how much you love them while you still can. You’ll never know when the time is up.

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